February 16, 2013

Cambridge, MA. July, 2012

The Harvard Square Theatre, when I first moved to Cambridge in 1978, used to show a different double-feature every single day. All day long. And they were cleverly programmed, too. Two Altman films like Images and Three Women. Or The Godfather, parts one and two. Or a Truffaut two-up of The 400 Blows and Small Change. Because they were not first-run films, the admission was remarkably inexpensive. Could it have been $1.50? I used to work on a nightly news program, so I’d often spend the daylight hours inside the huge auditorium watching the movies over and over. Years later, the space was divided up into a handful of smaller screening spaces, moved its entrance around the corner, changed its programming to new releases. And slowly it failed. This past summer, it closed for good. Instead, the space will be used as a concert/club venue. Lots of memories for lots of people within those walls.

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