July 7, 2013

Marché Jean-Talon, Montréal. October, 2005

Frequent readers of this blog will not be surprised when I say that I love artichokes. At home, at friends’ homes, in restaurants. Steamed, stuffed, fried, grilled, whatever. (When I drank, I used to enjoy the artichoke-based aperitif Cynar.) I even like just looking at them in markets, photographing them, whatever. And look at these beauties, fresh artichokes from Québec. As I write this, I have just come home from Russo’s, my local, fantastic produce market, where artichokes today were .49 per pound! I bought six. They are “frost-kist,” meaning that the tips of their outer leaves may have some evidence of the effects of the cold. No problem. I find that artichokes, like Brussels sprouts, taste even sweeter once they’ve been kist by the first frost.

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