July 30, 2013

Paris. December, 2005

There’s no denying that this emblematic tower can be beautiful, hypnotic or corny, depending upon how you look at it. When I returned to Paris after the passage of more than 30 years, I was amazed at the light show of up-and-down twinklers that had been added to M. Eiffel’s structure since the time of my last visit. You could actually hear the crowds gasp as the thing started to glitter for about 30 seconds. I loved it. As I write this, my friend Donna is in Paris, visiting her daughter who’s part of a six-month fellowship there. I know they’re both charmed by the city, the tower, the lights. I can hear them gasp. [As it happens, they came home complaining the city was dirty, only the old people dress well, etc. Oh, well.]

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