August 14, 2014

Habana Vieja, Cuba. February, 2012

Meet Queen Elizabeth. That’s how she introduced herself to us when our much-delayed flight from New York finally landed in Havana. Elizabeth was our guide who stayed with us for a week and maneuvered our tetchy group through a number of “situations.” She was heaven on Earth and I loved being able to speak a little bit of Spanish, just enough to joke with her and our bus driver, Angel. When I started to softly sing a La Lupe song, she told me I needed to sing it con salsa. So I did. “Puro Teatro.” With gestures. She mostly wore T-shirts and jeans, so when she showed up for our farewell dinner all dolled up, well, I needed a picture. I learn from Facebook that Elizabeth is now married and has her first beautiful child. ¡Felicitaciones, amiga! [Author’s note: Can you see why I hate flash pictures? Jesus! I look like her grandfather!]

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