August 30, 2014

Watertown, MA. July, 2013

I have been dealing with woodchucks ravishing my garden. On the advice of a friend, I bought a Havahart trap. (I had planned on toxic-smoke bombing the critter in its burrow.) And since that day two weeks ago, I’ve caught a rat (mercifully dead by the time I found it), two raccoons (both of which lunged and hissed at me, one of which also barked) and a woodchuck (which I drove 13 miles away and released in conservation land. Like a good boy.) The following day, I saw another woodchuck in the garden, so I set the trap again. After several days of nada, I awoke this morning to the sight of two raccoons. One in the trap (seen here) and its companion standing guard and staring me down as I approached. Cute, but nasty. You know the type.

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