June 23, 2015

Gloucester, MA. June, 2012

Tonight, as midnight approaches, thousands of Puerto Ricans and their friends will prepare to jump into the sea (or a nearby lake or even a bathtub.) Tonight is La Noche de San Juan, the eve of the feast of St. John, and Latin people all over the world mark the event in various ways: with bonfires, special menus and the aforementioned dousings. Here's a shot, taken just after midnight and just before the cops arrived to chase us away. Pete, Daniel, Evelyna Jolie and Edmundo were just some of our midnight party on Gloucester's Niles Beach. Following tradition, they'd waited until 12, then thrown in, in order, flowers (for love), fruit (for health) and coins (for prosperity). And then, because he is St. John the Baptist, we throw in ourselves. Backwards. Seven times. Probably a good thing I don't expect to be near a beach with these friends of mine tonight.

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