June 3, 2015

San Francisco. October, 1981

I took this photo in San Francisco's Chinatown on my first trip to SFO in 1980. But it always reminds me of the shiatsu massage I went for on my most recent trip there in 2006. A young Asian woman asked me to unrobe (shiatsu is traditionally done clothed) and get under a sheet, face down, on the table. When she returned to the room, she straddled me on the table and asked, "How much pleasure you want?" I was a bit taken aback. Unlike Cleopatra's clients who sign up for "The Egyptian Way to Relaxation," this was not what I had intended. It was only when I calmed down that I realized that I had misheard her, owing to her accent. What she had actually asked was, "How much pressure you want?" Things went smoothly after that.

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