July 13, 2015

Watertown, MA. June, 2015

I recently gave a bouquet of white hydrangea from my garden to my friend Zsa Zsa (not her real name), and she told me the next day that her daughter had asked, "Did you steal those?" Excuse me. Then I remembered that Zsa Zsa has a habit of sneaking flowers out of discarded arrangements in cemeteries, searching to see what plants The Home Depot is about to discard, etc. I thought about this, um, activity today when I looked at this photo of flowers I'd had in my dining room last month. The roses and green hydrangea are from my garden. The calla lilies? I confess that I found them on the sidewalk behind the Greek church in my neighborhood, perhaps some blooms that had fallen before or after a funeral or wedding. Sue me.

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  1. The arrangement is lovely. But it's that fab Fiesta-ish saucer that sets if all off.