September 4, 2015

WGBH Studios, Boston. January, 1983

I have written three letters to stars in my life. The first to Barbra Streisand when she was appearing nightly in Funny Girl on Broadway (because that's what young men like me did back in the early 1960s.) Then one to Anthony Perkins when he was appearing nightly in The Star-Spangled Girl on Broadway (again, what young men like me did back then.) And then my last to Eric Roberts, sending him his image (from a PBS film of Miss Lonelyhearts), digitized in an early online experiment called Teletext that we were trying out with local schools some 30 years ago. I never heard back from any of them. (To be fair, I've moved a lot since then, so their replies may not have reached me.)

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  1. "Miss Lonelyhearts" AND Teletext in the same blog entry. What? No "Hermes"?