June 23, 2012

Gloucester, MA. December, 2011

I love our fishing-town off season. The crowds are gone. The noise level drops. The only people on the streets are neighbors. And a friendliness almost begrudgingly creeps back into the way folks treat one another. We smile, say hello. Also, the winter light. Look at the way this end-of-day sun gently illuminates. Lovely. The house you see is one of our harbor’s “floating houses.” You can hardly tell from the way it’s docked here, but the house is free-floating and maintains an on-season anchored position in the middle of the harbor, an island unto itself, its inhabitants coming and going by way of a small motorboat. A little porch, a barbecue grill...and 360-degree water views. Just one more oddity in this quirky town filled with so many remarkable things to discover.

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