June 28, 2012

San Diego, CA. January, 1990

I was in Los Angeles for the press event for the 10th anniversary of PBS’s Mystery! for which I had written Vincent Price’s introductions for many years. “Event” is the correct word, too, as star Diana Rigg called in sick and was replaced at the last minute by Jeremy (Sherlock Holmes) Brett (who was loudly admonished by the press agent, “And lay off the booze before your speech!” Brett, by the way, paid no attention whatsoever to this warning.) The next day, I took the train south to visit my friend Eldon. We went to take jumping pictures and eat fish tacos at the Hotel del Coronado (where Some Like It Hot was filmed) and passed stores with names like “Guns ‘R’ Us.” I also recall walking through the Hillcrest neighborhood and learning the name of the local gay bowling league: Spare Me. In the midst of all this excitement, however, I looked up and spotted this somewhat blasé local resident.

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