June 26, 2012

West Newton, MA. June, 2012

I often find myself at meetings in church basements. And no meeting room is finer than this one at a Universalist church not far from my home. It’s used as a children’s classroom during the day and the walls are happily decorated with examples of the youngsters’ views on life. For example, this eight-year-old (almost nine) was asked to list a few things that he enjoys. Witness his answers, simple and direct. Once in this same room, I was amazed to read what had been the kids’ responses to “What is God?” This was a question I’d been struggling with for years. Honestly. I’d read the Bible, the Koran, the Tao Te Ching and many other spiritual guides, hoping to find some answer I could embrace and be comfortable with. Nothing. Then, there among the “God is a friend” and “God is a father” and “God is my cat” scribblings, I read this: “God is incomprehensible.” Bingo! I could relax. This bit of wisdom (from the teacher, I’d guess) was just the answer I’d been searching for, and it’s served me well for years now. (On a related note, my last drink was 30 years ago today. I like living.)

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  1. I know what you mean. It's why I love children's art so much. Well I couldn't be more proud of anyone Sandy. Congrats and lots of love. Staci