June 22, 2012

Milan. October, 1986

Io scelgo HappyDent perché non attaca ai denti.” So says Larry Hagman (aka Dallas’ JR) on all of these posters in the main Milan train station. Larry Hagman? Well, I’m glad he chooses this brand of Italian chewing gum and that it doesn’t damage his teeth. (If I remember correctly, tooth decay was among the least of his problems.) I’m often amused at the endorsements that Hollywood stars give to products abroad that they would never consider doing stateside. Audrey Hepburn recommended wigs in Japan (where consumers were drawn to the star for her enviable long neck, it was said.) Sylvester Stallone was big in Italy when I was there throughout the 1980s. Wonder whose faccias are seen on posters throughout the country these days.

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