January 1, 2016

Brooklyn, NY. December 25, 2015

Happy New Year. I love this photo of my friend Miriam. She appears to be a no-nonsense type, when actually she is very much a nonsense type. Here she is at Nick's Christmas lunch-into-dinner party. Because Nick is a pastry chef, the meal ended with four (count 'em) dessert courses, some of which you're likely to see here in the near future. And speaking of the future...today marks five years of my posting daily blog entries, and I'm thinking of making some changes. Weekly entries? Photos transferred from Instagram? Occasional postings with no set schedule? Or keeping things pretty much as they are? Can't decide. Thank you to the daily readers who've been with SLS for the whole five years. You know who you are.


  1. I'm not sure I approve of your proposed changes. I think that, like Gwendolen Fairfax, you should never change, except in your affections.

  2. I have counted on checking out your blogspot.com daily. It is smart, funny, wise, inspiring, and I truely thank you for having the vision and committment to share with us all. Love ya!