July 15, 2016

Boston. July, 2016

The #1 bus (which travels between Harvard Square in Cambridge and Dudley Square in Boston) is always a scene. Always. Sometimes fascinating (watching changing demographics as the bus passes through various neighborhoods.) Sometimes scary (I had to get off after two blocks once when an aggressive, mouthy woman was yelling at another passenger so menacingly.) And sometimes just theatrical (as during last night's trip when this man with a HUGE "arrangement" of branches and flowers was screaming things like, "I'm a real Panther. Power to the people! All the people!" repeatedly.) Never air-conditioned, routinely packed with riders, always a scene.


  1. I am glad to know the MASS AVE bus is still a Biotope of Beantown Bohemia.

  2. Maybe it was Huey P. Newton in disguise?