July 25, 2016

South Orange, NJ. Autumn, 1969

One of the great gifts I received by attending the high school that I did was a love for Shakespeare. Not that we studied him at all well in class, but the Drama Club put on a different Shakespeare play every fall, and those of us who were in them came to know the plays really well, felt comfortable with them and their language, had lots of fun with them. Macbeth (I was Fleance, son of Banquo AND the "third apparition"), Julius Caesar (a citizen), The Merchant of Venice (a follower of the Prince of Aragon) and, shown here, Hamlet (I was stage manager.) As I type this, I realize that I peaked, as far as onstage time, in my freshman year and headed steadily downhill afterwards. Oh, well. This photo from our Hamlet features an old classmate of mine who is now a convicted felon serving time in federal prison. Which one do you think it is?

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