July 19, 2016

New Orleans. May, 1991.

When my friend Nick told me that he'd be teaching in Jackson, Mississippi, and did I want to meet him afterwards in New Orleans, I jumped at the chance. I'd always wanted to visit the land of Tennessee Williams, so I arrived a day early and did some independent sightseeing. A strange man grabbed me and gave me a big kiss and said, "Welcome to New Orleans, darlin'." And I knew that it was my kind of city. In advance of my trip, my Boston friend Bambi (seriously), who'd grown up in Louisiana, put me in touch with two friends of hers, NOLA decorators who'd worked on a recent SuperBowl show. They were terrific, took us to a gospel concert at Tulane and out for soul food in Metarie afterwards. Imagine my surprise then when the next day I saw the two of them (in somewhat different attire) on this souvenir postcard. Welcome to New Orleans, darlin'.

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