July 18, 2016

Central Park, New York, NY. June, 1967

Waiting for Barbra Streisand's free concert in Central Park to begin. We got there HOURS in advance to sit up close. And because we got there early, we were able to hear Streisand rehearse with the orchestra (and to lead the early crowd in a chorus of "Second Hand Rose.") I remember that it was terribly hot and dusty. And that people "cut in" to get in front of us. We did see some "celebrities" arrive. The only one I can remember now was Monty Rock III. Google him. Front and center here is our friend Fish (I think her real name was Maria.) And the kid with the blonde crewcut on the right? No idea. Ditto the blonde young woman on the left. The concert, of course, was great...even though we had to leave at intermission in order to get the last train home to New Jersey. (This photo was taken with a Polaroid Swinger. Google that, too.)

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