July 22, 2016

Boston, MA. Spring, 1992?

When my friend Stephen showed up for his interview to work at WGBH-TV, he was approached in the lobby by a production assistant working on a series about DNA. She came up to him and asked, "Are you here for 'The Secret of Life?" He didn't know exactly how to answer. My friend Diane and I finally rounded him up for the interview, and I remember ending with the usual "Is there anything you'd like to ask us?" "Yes," he said, "Do I have to wear socks?" He got the job. This photo of the three of us was taken in Diane's office on Stephen's last day. (I'm guessing the date.) Please note the purple press kit dug up in his honor. Stephen escaped with his dignity and sanity. Diane and I endured many more years at what was then touted as "the PBS flagship station."


  1. OMG. I remember Diane's red glasses and Stephen and the rolm phone on the desk. Too funny! - Angela