January 3, 2011

London. Summer, 1972

The play: Tom Stoppard’s Jumpers. The reason I went to see it: its star, Diana Rigg. Long a fan of her performance as Emma Peel in The Avengers, I’d brought my camera to the storied Old Vic Theatre, and with the aid of a very clunky telephoto lens, managed to snap this admittedly grainy shot from an upper balcony during an acrobatic musical number. Robert and I had finally arrived in London after weeks in still-Iron-Curtained Czechoslovakia (visiting his relatives, touring Prague) and in France (Paris, Monaco, Provence) and were up for some good theater. We got it. Many years later, working with Dame Diana and writing her host material for PBS’ Mystery!, I mentioned over dinner that I’d taken a picture of her during this play. “I hope you didn’t photograph my bum,” replied the acclaimed and titled potty-mouth.


  1. So Diana Rigg was a 'Sassy Broad'.. just like Julie Andrews (heard thru the grapevine!)

    Sandy love your posts.. keep 'em comin'.

  2. This blog is a great idea, Sandy! Go for it...and we'll look forward to reading your snaps. Just don't decide to start cooking every recipe in the Julia Child's cookbook.
    Love to you and best wishes for a happy new year filled with worthy snaps for the future.

  3. Wow, Sandy, makes me want to quit my job and see the world! Great snaps. Best success. Tammy

    I didn't know you wrote for Diana Rigg? I also worked for WGHB.

  4. Yes, great idea!!! And good way to learn more about your life... Did you really write for Diana Rigg??

    When I first saw this pic, I thought it was Kylie:


  5. Will we be seeing any of Dame Diana at Gorey Mansion at some point? Great job on the blog Sandy!

  6. Of all the cheap nerve--that's a touring set!