January 16, 2011

New York, NY. Autumn, 1983

An ethnologist’s delight. What were we doing at the Museum of Natural History? And did we even go inside or just stop at the sign to seize the photo op? While Nick, my best friend since high school, assumes a well-earned glam-shot lean, Jacques, whom I actually taught when he was in high school, catches us up on the latest danceclub moves. And who better to demonstrate the current fashion on or off the floor? Note: keys, leather, stretch pants, sock treatment, proper footgear. Jacques and Anthony were living in the East Village back then, a beautiful big apartment overlooking Tompkins Square Park with a striking Starn Twins photo that greeted you upon entry. A successful if frustrated stockbroker on Wall Street, Jacques quickly became disillusioned with the ups and downs (mostly downs) of high finance and ditched that world for the land of haute cuisine. And who better to lead him by the hand through that dicey territory than the well-seasoned Nick? Dinosaurs notwithstanding, I can’t imagine a diorama much better than this one.

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