January 23, 2011

Provincetown, MA. August, 1989

I can still remember how hot and close it was that evening. Jay and I went out to Race Point beach with David and Roy, and the light was so beautiful, the sand so cool...well, this picture that David snapped brings it all back. Much more memorable than the dinner we all had afterwards at some forgettable place in North Truro. There are other photos from this idyllic beach evening, one of which Jay and I had made into change-of-address cards on our 20th anniversary together in 1999. (Minimum order: 500 cards. Um, we’ve each moved at least once since those cards were printed and, well, we still have plenty of them if anyone would like a few dozen.) With waves that break a bit more aggressively than those at Herring Cove, Race Point is much more relaxed and peaceful in the evening after all of the beach crowds have gone home and the sounds of the sea and the gulls are all that you hear. And then there’s that light...no wonder so many visual artists have always been drawn to magical Provincetown, one of the few East Coast beaches where the sun sets over water.

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