January 11, 2011

Rome. October, 1984

Walking through the Villa Borghese one glorious autumn afternoon, Patti, Dali and I were possessed by an adventurous spirit. This wild abandon was further stoked by our coming upon a waterless fountain, the appearance of four sweet young Italiani strolling by, and the willingness of Patti’s recurring alter-ego, Gina, to surface at a moment’s notice. The elements were there, all we needed was the bravado to make them come together. Did I mention that Dali was with us? She fearlessly approached i vitelloni with a bold request to climb into the fountain, “Gina” struck a flirtatiously simpering pose, and I quickly snapped what has become a favorite souvenir from our brief but golden dolce vita in the Eternal City.

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  1. Ah, si! I remembair it well.

    Mille baci, Sandro