January 4, 2011

Tucson. May, 1987

On my first trip to this enchanted town, visiting my beloved friends Simon and David, we were going out to dinner one evening and, as we exited their University Blvd. home, their cat ran out the door with us. We headed to Fourth Avenue for Mexican food, had a great time, and when we returned after a few hours, their cat scooted back in the door as we did. It was a little while later that we all noticed their dog, Betty, was acting very miffed, very aloof, not at all like her usual gregarious and affable self. Simon diagnosed the problem. “She’s jealous. She thinks we took the cat out to dinner with us.” Treats soon materialized to remedy a potential “situation.” I love this photo, taken during a walk just outside of town, where, as it happens, Jay and I wound up buying land some 20 years later.


  1. Years later, Betty wrote a memoir in which she alleges that her owners "completely misread the situation" and that she was simply trying to express her dislike of "those damned blue shirts".

  2. Hi Sandi
    Love your blog--particularly the part to report abuse. M

  3. Sandy--
    Hope you don't have to pack heat to continue to find Tucson enchanted.

    Love your blog!