January 16, 2012

Barcelona. November, 2010

What’s wrong with this picture? Absolutely nothing if you live in Barcelona. Or anywhere in Spain for that matter. The New England-originated Dunkin’ Donuts had to adapt a bit when it arrived here, officially because of “trademark issues.” With stores opening (and closing) all over the world, the corporate behemoth boasts more than one thousand different donut varieties (and allegedly many more lawsuits against its franchisees than other fast-food operatives), yet more than half of its business today is in coffee sales. “Donut” suggests less to those who don’t list English as their primary language. But “Coffee,” as every writer knows, means the world to just about everybody. (I used to work with a talented copywriter who was justifiably proud of having invented the DD --or DC-- name “Coffee Coolatta.” I would be, too.)

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