January 27, 2012

Istanbul. June, 2007

I don’t subscribe to a lot of emailings or Facebook groups or things like that. But one that I do enjoy is Istanbul Eats (a serious eater’s guide to the city). Helmed by Ansel Mullins and Yigal Schleifer, two Americans eating their way through that storied capital, the blog contains excellent recommendations (“We’re talking about serious food for serious eaters, hold the frills”) about great places to eat, what to eat where, the “characters” who do the cooking and terrific bits of cultural context and background. Most of these recommendations are new to me and I stash them away against my next visit to the City of the World’s Desire. These guys have also published some of their finds in a book that makes a great guide for visitors as well as a great vicarious excursion for those of us here at home. Only one problem: I have so many cafes and restaurants and street-food carts on my list now...how can I fit them all into my next visit there? I’ll manage. Shown, foreground: the excellent sea bass cooked in parchment at their recommended Tarihi Karaköy Balikçisi. (We call the place “Screwdriver Fish” because it’s smack dab in the middle of the city’s large hardware market.)

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