January 2, 2012

New Orleans. March, 1991

I once asked a female friend why women seemed to love shoes so much. Much more than men seem to do. She said she suspected that it was partly because a woman’s shoe size generally never changes, no matter how her age, body type or other aspects of her appearance might. True? Who knows? The same “permanence” may fuel my ongoing interest in manhole covers of many lands. Seems like every place I go, I snap a photo of one. Solid markers that indicate the geographic location...and much more. Most times there is some pride of craftsmanship, some decorative whimsy, too. I love the moon and stars in this beauty from The Crescent City. I’ve also got some nice cover shots from Istanbul, Berkeley, Barcelona, just about everywhere I’ve been. The only problem, and it’s a very slight one, is the confusion often registered by locals when I seem to be ignoring all the beauty around me and focusing on the pavement instead. I can deal.


  1. let's see some of those other manholes in 2012

    peter m

  2. Funny you should mention it, but Germany's trampiest Eurotrash icon, Daniela Katzenberger, said just the same thing when unveiling her new line of slutty shoes this week. "Women love shoes because you can gain 20 pounds and you still get into your shoes because your shoe size never changes!" She admitted that her shoes are so high that she can't actually walk in them -- "But I can get into them!" http://www.noows.de/gallery/bilddestages/2011-09-07/image.jpg