January 20, 2012

Cartagena, Spain. November, 2010

When I signed on to my first corporate job, at Bose (aka “the most respected name in sound”), I had the great good fortune to be paired up with Mike, art director extraordinaire. We didn’t know at the time how easily and wonderfully we’d click, how our hard work together would not only be a pleasure but would result in some pretty successful materials. All I knew then, aside from his easy sense of humor and sass, was what he announced at a first-day session to introduce us to the rest of the department. When asked to reveal something that others might not know about us, Mike said without hesitation, “I love Charo.” Our friendship was sealed. Since then, every time I see a reference to Charo, any Charo, I bring it on home to my beloved friend. From this hair salon in southern Spain to Charo’s Bakery in Lowell, MA (“Best Prices in Wedding Cakes...Period!”) As for the genuine article, Mike went to see her not long ago at a nearby Native American casino, but was too shy (or stunned) to speak with her. Charo, if you’re reading this, get in touch with this guy, por favor. There’s a 12 Euro lavar y marcar in it for you. My treat.

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