January 19, 2012

Beyoğlu, Istanbul. June, 2007

Can’t decide what to order? Order it all. That’s what we did here at the Borsa Lokantasi on the Istiklal Caddesi in Istanbul. This popular and welcoming cafeteria-style cafe has, like many places in the City of the World’s Desire, steam tables that feature whatever the chef has prepared for the day. You can order as little or as much as you like, in whatever combination you like. So we ordered (counterclockwise from left center) a grilled chicken kebab that came with a tomato bulgur pilaf, an artichoke cooked in the zeytinyali style (simmered in olive oil, served at room temperature), pureed eggplant salad, cacik (yogurt, cucumber, mint), fasulye (broad beans cooked in tomato), and (center) eggplant stuffed with lamb and spices. I think there are some other dishes in there, too. Mmmmm. And off to the left I see a container of ayran (yogurt drink with water and some salt) and a small bowl of rice pudding. Did we order too much? We didn’t think so. But I do remember the manager coming over and shaking our hands. Maybe he thought we must be food writers. Or just his best customers ever.

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