January 21, 2012

Springfield, NJ. December, 2010

I love this photo of my niece Emma enjoying the squeak toy that I brought her when we met. Before I headed south to the Garden State to be introduced to my brother Brien’s new puppy, I’d found a rubber toy duck that quacks each time it’s squeezed. (Jay said, “Your brother is going to kill you.”) Emma loved it, shaking it and squeezing it all over the house. A few days later, Brien called to say that it is the only toy she will retrieve when he throws it across the yard. A few days after that, he called again to say that the squeaking was driving him nuts. (I could hear it in the background of the call.) He has had to deal with much worse. Evidently some dog thieves earlier had lured her from her backyard tether with food, found her too much to handle...and Brien got a call from a friend a few hours later reporting that Emma was wandering downtown off her leash. She’s either a German Shepherd or a Belgian Shepherd or both. Whatever she is, she’s a squeakin’ sweetheart.

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  1. Lured from home with food ... too much to handle ... later seen wandering downtown off her leash. Poor thing! I know how she feels....