September 21, 2012

Florence, Italy. May, 1988

When Nick, Miriam and I drove into Florence, we decided to park our fully-packed car in a guarded lot. (The attendant, when Nick asked him to pay special attention to the car, said he would guard it with una pistola.) Then on we went to Pasticceria Robiglio, where Signore R gave us a tour of his wares (some seen here in the shop’s front window) and sent us on our way with a zuccotto (a confection of ice-cream-filled cake shaped like a pumpkin.) So when we arrived at Trattoria 4 Leoni (a place I’d remembered from an earlier visit) for lunch, the staff refrigerated our zuccotto and, after some half-hearted protesting, enjoyed it with us for dessert. No one touched the car, by the way, and we headed off to nearby Lucca to reconnect with friends and to spend the night.

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