September 8, 2012

Springfield, NJ. Spring, 1956

Who is this smiling glasses-free child? All dressed up in a jacket (!) and school tie (St. James School.) Hair all combed and plastered down with a mucilaginous tonic called O’Dell’s Hair Trainer, the noxious aroma of which remains uncomfortably in memory. (It would dry and solidify hair into something you could bend at right angles.) Second grade? I don’t remember smiling very much back then. But, of course, whenever a camera was present, well.... My teacher was Mrs. Marino, a very kind (if excitable) woman who provided a certain degree of stability and warmth when I needed both. No wonder then that some 56 years later I still remember her.

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  1. Your mouth may be smiling, but your eyes are saying, "I've had just about enough of this!" Your friends know that when you get this look in your eyes, it's time to ply you with bread pudding. Lemon. With meringue.