September 23, 2012

Groton, MA. February, 2011

Look at what my friend Peter made. For years he’s been concentrating on making artist’s books, experimenting with photo transfers, teaching. A work of his that hangs in Jay’s house features Xeroxes of items and shapes on brown paper bags, run through a waxer, then sewn together. The overall effect is tribal, suggestive of animal skins, patterns. When he pointed to the image on one panel and said, “That’s my favorite piece of metal,” I knew he was seriously into “things.” In fact, he’s been collecting items for all of the 25-plus years I’ve known him. I attended a recent show of his that included old type trays, each small section holding its own found object -- including a badge to access Silver Beach, NJ, that I gave him years ago. And this work, wherein he alters the gallery’s windows by filling the small panes with translucent strips to have them appear stained. Onward, Peter!

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