September 22, 2012

Watertown, MA. September, 2011

Autumn is my favorite season. And one signal that this treasured time of year is approaching: the annual appearance of sweet autumn clematis, aka Clematis paniculata. Years ago, when I admired how it was blooming all around town, I asked my gardening neighbor Alice to tell me about it. She did, and added, “I’m just pulling out some volunteers from my garden. Would you like them?” Yes, please. And here they are, a few years later, robust and thriving, (surviving even the overzealous pruning efforts of neighbors in back.) I love how it lushly drifts, cascading over whatever it encounters: trellises, fences, hedges, even the chainlink fencing around a local tennis court. A tangled and embroidered blanket, taken out and aired once a year. So beautiful.

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