September 6, 2012

Watertown, MA. July, 2012

Bread pudding. Lemon. With a meringue topping. This was my favorite thing that my mother would make when I was a child. I miss it. I miss her. And I wish she had given me the recipe that I asked for countless times. Finding it mysteriously on the day of her funeral, I tried to make it a few times, always with unsatisfactory results. Fortunately my good friend Nick is a pastry chef and he was able to “refine” the recipe so that even a child could make it, as they say. (In fact, he’s including it in his latest book, Nick Malgieri’s Bread, out next month from Kyle Books.) Here’s my recent take on Nick’s take on my mother’s recipe (which, as it turns out, she must have found in an early Joy of Cooking.) Lemony, tart and sweet, it still brings back childhood memories and big smiles.

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  1. i still use my mother's corning ware..and it warms my heart, especially when i make one of her recipes and it looks as her's did! i miss her,too! Moms are moms, always and forever!