March 16, 2016

Watertown, MA. March, 2016

Have you noticed the many recent postings about Napoli? Why? Maybe because I've been reading the four "Neapolitan novels" by Elena Ferrante. The Italian author, as you probably know, has been a literary sensation around the world, nowhere less so than here in the US of A (in translations by Ann Goldstein, copy editor at 'The New Yorker.') Part of the Ferrante mystique lies in the fact that "Elena Ferrante" is a pseudonym for a reclusive and secretive author whose identity remains unknown...though plenty of theories abound about who she or he may actually be. I've just finished Book #4 (shown here) and am ever so grateful to my neighbor Allan who has generously loaned me his copies. Good thing, too, as the request lists at the library for the books are well into the hundreds.

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  1. I've just read volume 1. it's so good (despite all the hype)