March 6, 2013

Barcelona. November, 2012

Both Jay and I like to pick up something practical while on vacation. That way, whenever we use it, we remember where we got it and (most times) smile. This trip, I picked up vast quantities of smoked pimentón de La Vera, both hot and sweet varieties, for Nick and for me. A little of this Spanish paprika goes a long way. And Jay? As he did in Montréal, he wanted to pick up some valve oil for his trumpet. A grand music store’s facade on Las Ramblas remained shut tight for the duration of our visit (and even longer than that, according to neighbors), but he finally found some in a small and kind of creepy store near the city’s music conservatory. This store (of the unmistakable name recognition) for which we had high hopes, only carried sheet music. Still, I love the use of the single dot to indicate the accent on música.

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