March 7, 2013

Paris. December, 2005

Oh, those wacky French. Who else would issue a diplôme to someone to commend his efforts in defending the true l’œuf mayonnaise? Sure, I like those hard-boiled eggs (somehow the French do them better than we do) cloaked in a rich egg-and-oil-based mayonnaise sauce. Seems the Association de Sauvegarde de l’Œuf Mayonnaise bestows a “best of” prize for this dish each year to a Parisian restaurateur. Nick, Miriam and I saw this framed honor as we lunched at M. Camdeborde’s excellent ASOM-prize-winning bistro, Le Comptoir, on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve as snow gently fell on those outside waiting for a table. We had pied de cochon, if memory serves.

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