March 16, 2013

Stoneham, MA. March, 2012

Is this my favorite night of the year? The annual St. Joseph’s dinner at my friend Paul’s mother’s house? I look forward to it all year, biting my nails and hoping I’ll be invited back each year. Mrs. A. regales us with her incomparable stories, as well as her traditional pasta with breadcrumbs (to symbolize the carpenter-saint’s sawdust), several frittatas (potato, asparagus, etc.), sausages, you name it. Andrea and Dave bring a kaleidoscopic antipasto plate. Dan and Paul bring lots of laughs and lots of zeppole, the Sicilian holiday pastry, in many varieties. Tonight, if all goes as planned, we’ll be around this table again, laughing, eating. (And let’s hope somebody springs for real San Pelligrino tonight instead of last year’s Market Basket knockoff, the subject of much conversation and controversy. Kidding.)

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  1. Looking forward to tonight! I will make sure that NO Market Basket knock off's make it onto the table!