May 4, 2015

Rome. October, 1980

I always manage to buy a perfectly ripe pear whenever I travel to Europe. In the colonies, I find that pears are either mushy or rock hard with very few in between. Not so in the Old World where people demand good quality fruit. Seen here, an autumn picnic outside the church of San Luigi dei Francesi -- a pear, some grapes, a loaf of bread, some Gorgonzola dolce, an always practical Swiss Army knife. Lovely Italian memories from 35 years ago.

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  1. Those were the days when you could pack your Swiss Army knife in your carry-on bag. Now you have to hide it away in your check-through luggage. But it is still indispensable for any traveler. It's a life-saver, almost literally so, in some countries where hygienic standards are wanting.