May 14, 2015

Watertown, MA. May, 2015

I live in what was not long ago a predominantly Armenian neighborhood. There are still some wonderful Armenian markets nearby, still some Armenian neighbors, some churches (with their annual bazaars), but slowly the population has become more diversified. One holdover which makes me happy, these grape hyacinths that appear every spring all over town. So many, in fact, that it strikes me as if the planting must have been very deliberate. Recently I learned that the botanical name for this plant is Muscari Armeniacum, referring to its "native range" in Armenia. I'm imagining the immigrants bringing a piece of the Old Country with them to plant in the yards of their new home. Think so?

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  1. Fascinating. As you know, I grew up right in your neighborhood, probably noticed these hyacinths hundreds of times but never really saw them, nor knew of their origin. Thanks once again for your eye for detail.